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The X Factor: What’s Missing in your RF Microneedling Treatments Webinar

Stronger, Firmer, Longer: How to Offer Nonsurgical Treatments for Male Sexual Enhancement

Activate the "O" in your Practice Webinar

As aesthetic providers, you holistically treating patients from head to toe, and every where in between. The vaginal restoration market is approximately a $6billion industry and expected to grow 12.5% annually. What are you doing to help women with this growing demand?

Join Dr. Jennifer Owen, board-certified OBGYN and female sexual health expert, as she gives away all of the secrets on this sensitive and powerful area!

  • - Learn about non-surgical and non-hormonal options to treat a variety of female issues
  • - Hear tips and trick for how to maximize energy-based devices
  • - Discuss how regenerative medicine and PRP play a role in combination therapy for women’s sexual health
  • - LIVE demonstration of a combo treatment of PRP + Votiva + Carboxy with real time patient feedback

Beyond Birthing: Help Postpartum Women Reclaim Their Intimacy

Attention Doulas, Midwives and Professionals who work with birthing and new moms! Join us for a virtual sit down with Dr Shyrlena Bogard, board-certified OB-GYN and Lana Kerr creator of CO2LiftV, as they discuss issues that aren’t typically addressed when it comes to child birth.

  • - Discuss challenges faced after delivery and how to provide a solution.
  • - Learn a natural and effective way to restore the perineum after birth.
  • - Gain insights to help breast feeding moms in a vital area of their relationship.
  • - Find out how to increase revenue while solving major issues for new mothers.

Microneedling: Right and Wrong

Whether you call it dermal needling, collagen induction therapy, or microneedling, you don’t want to miss out on this open discussion for how to maximize results. Join us as we expose all things derma/micro-rolling with Dr. Jennifer Thomas-Goering, founder of DR. REVIVAJENNZ MEDICAL AESTHETICS and The DermDuo Twins. Whether you are a physician, nurse practitioner, PA or esthetician, you won’t want to miss out on this event.

  • - Learn why microneedling is important to patients today.
  • - Find out the tips and tricks of microneedling.
  • - Discuss combotherapy and post care options following microneedling.
  • - Talk thru the differences between microneedling and RF therapies.
  • - Gain insights for how to increase patient satisfaction and referrals

How to incorporate Vaginal Rejuvenation In your Practice Successfully

  • - Learn how physicians are maximizing with energy based devices.
  • - Hear about the latest in feminine restoration.
  • - Gain insights for expanding your offerings.
  • - Get the secret to improve patient retention and referrals
  • - Interactive Q & A.

Clinical Reveal Of Topical Application For Vaginal Restoration

  • - See How Patients Are Improving Functionality In Only 3 Weeks.
  • - How To Have A Share In Female Wellness With Little Investment.
  • - How To Increase ROI On Your Vaginal Devices.
  • - Increase Retail Footprint In Intimate Wellness.
  • - Hear from Expert Panel of Physicians.

O2Lift Evening Of Education with Drs Wendy Roberts and Red Alinsod

  • - See How The Doctors are using CO2Lift carboxy in their practice to help their patients to achieve better outcomes.
  • - Live demonstration post Micro needling.
  • - Hear about CO2LiftV- Carboxy Gel Vaginal Regeneration Kit and how Dr Alinsod is using in his Practice.

GDerm Fresh - Skin Rejuvenation for Millenials, Staying A Step Ahead

  • - How to choose the right laser for the millenial patient.
  • - Why microneedling is important to your practice.
  • - Using Carboxytherapy to improve procedural outcomes.
  • - Simple Vaginal Rejuvenation methods for any practice.

Clinical reveal of topical option for vaginal rejuvenation using carboxytherapy with Drs Gustavo Leibaschoff, Red Alinsod, Jennifer Berman, Eva Simmons-O'Brien, Dine Orlinski, Maria Canter

GDerm Fresh - Skin Rejuvenation for Millenials, Staying A Step Ahead with Drs Wendy Roberts, Vivian Bucay and Jason Emer