Our Story

The name Lumisque was inspired by the word luminous, which means radiating, and created to promote a unique, cutting edge product that improves the texture and youth of facial skin. The name CO2Lift was chosen to promote the flagship product, because it uses carbon dioxide to produce a ‘face lift’ type result. Currently, there is an ever increasing desire to look younger and more beautiful, however people often expect that to achieve youth and beauty, the costs come in the form of both pain and high price tags.

Yet, with CO2Lift we have successfully created a solution for achieving youth and beauty WITHOUT high costs OR pain. What is even more impressive, is that after one single use of this treatment, people of various ages will experience true visible results with NO side effects, NO irritation to the skin, and NO downtime.


Your clients are closer to having the skin they have always dreamed of with absolutely NO PAIN, NO DOWN-TIME or DISCOMFORT, and at a price truly AFFORDABLE, to give your customers the value they deserve today.


CO2Lift is GENTLE and SAFE enough for those with sensitive skin and recommended for both men and women of all ages. CO2Lift can be used as an enhancement for post laser treatments or simply on its own to maintain skin’s desired appearance.


CO2Lift enables proper penetration of carbon-dioxide through the epidermal layer of your clients’ skin to naturally stimulate the oxygen molecules in the body to be delivered directly to the skin on the face and neck, reversing the aging process.