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The Birth of Carboxytherapy

The ingenious idea of using carbon dioxide to promote the transfer of oxygen within the human body to treat an area where carbon dioxide is present was made famous by the Danish physiologist Christian Bohr. This physiological phenomenon first reported in 1904 became known today as the “Bohr Effect.” The Bohr effect is a normal process in people of normal health. It is the duality of how carbon dioxide and oxygen work harmoniously with one another. With the Bohr effect, it is understood that carbon dioxide is the key factor which triggers our own body for the transport and release of oxygen through our red blood cells. As a result, when carbon dioxide is present at the location being treated, our own body will send oxygen through the process of vasodilation to that location of treatment.The initial uses in Europe were used as a naturopathic method in the form of injections. The physiological effects of carbon dioxide were made popular initially in Europe where carbon dioxide spring was used for medical treatment. The purpose of using this treatment as an injection was specifically designed to create a natural vasodilator. This will cause the blood vessels to widen for the improvement of blood flow and as a result increase the transport of oxygen to various tissues for cellular regeneration as well as act as an anti-inflammatory.

The Development of a Non-Injectable Version

With the years of successful studies and results in Europe, Lumisque Skincare has taken the treatment’s principle a step further in enabling the same powerful results, but without the use of injections. After many years of trials with different formulations, they have effectively created a solution to provide the same powerful results without the use of needles.

The Evolution into an Aesthetic/Anti-Aging Product:

This non-injectable treatment was originally created for the use at hospitals to treat burn victims and for wound healing due to its physiological effects. For each successful outcome reported, several patients with burns or wounds to the face began to notice additional beneficial effects from this treatment. The results were astonishing. Not only did the patient’s primary wounds and burns heal, the patients visually experienced improvements to the texture of their skin. In addition, patients experienced reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, reduction in the size of their pores, as well as a more firm and lifted appearance to their face. These results contributed greatly to the birth of a powerful aesthetic/anti-aging treatment.


Carboxytherapy refers to the cutaneous and subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide gas [CO2] for therapeutic purposes. CO2Lift , The Carboxy Gel Mask is the first clinically proven transdermal application of carboxytherapy. The CO2Lift Gel Mask, is a super hydrating treatment that delivers carbon dioxide to the skin. This acts as a natural vasodilator of blood vessels. This approach leads to the localized widening of blood vessels with a resultant increase in oxygen transport to the local tissue. The localized increase in oxygen results in both tissue and cell regeneration as well as localized anti-inflammatory properties. CO2lift carboxy gel mask rejuvenates the face, eyes , neck, hands, body and vagina with no pain yet immediate results. It is simple, proven and effective.

Traditionally Carboxytherapy is applied using subcutaneous injections, now with a way to deliver carbon dioxide with a mask without pain allows for more versatility of application.

A Prospective Clinical and Instrumental Study on the Effects of a Transcutaneous Cosmeceutical Gel that is Claimed to Produce CO2 . DR. LEIBASCHOFF/Dr. COLL/ DR. ROBERTS

One of the immediate effects seen after use of the CO2Lift Carboxy Gel is the hydration in the skin of the area applied to. From a study by Biometrix, it was seen that the hydration increased up to 117% in some subjects. Also the hydration level never returned to baseline even after 3 weeks of non-use. Thus concluding that to maintain the results on the level of hydration, a CO2Lift Treatment mask can be done every 2 to 3 weeks to keep the skin hydrated.

CO2LIFT Perfect for Post Procedures

Carboxytherapy has been used in Europe and South America for over 85 years. It is proven to increase micro-circulation, speed up healing and increase hydration in the skin. There are many articles that have been written and published in medical journals that show the efficacy of carboxytherapy in the treatment of wound healing and skin rejuvenation. This is why CO2Lift pro Carboxy gel, the trans dermal carboxytherapy is ideal for post care after laser or other types of invasive procedures.

The CO2Lift Pro Carboxy gel is a staple product for any provider because of its wide indications of uses, as a stand alone in anti-aging, with no downtime, no pain and immediate results or in combination with other procedures, like micro-needling, chemical peels, or laser to enhance the results and reduce recovery time.Know More

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Genito Urinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) is defined as a collection of symptoms and signs associated with a decrease in estrogen involving changes in the labia majora and labia minora, clitoris, vagina and bladder. Some of the symptoms are dryness, burning, burning, itching, painful sex and post coital bleeding.

These issues face a great percentage of women and this is number continues to grow. This not only applies to women who are Peri and post menopausal, but young women on medication, women who have has hysterectomies or simply dealing with stress of life.

Statistics show their is a growing demand in solutions for vaginal rejuvenation. Lumisque Skin care is proud to introduce the CO2Lift V, a take home vaginal treatment, another product in the CO2Lift Carboxy Gel line. CO2LiftV the take home Vaginal Treatment helps with treating symptoms of GSM. The gel is mixed and then extracted with the syringe and inserted into the first third of the vagina and applied around the vulva its kept on for 45 minute then douched out of the vagina with water using the syringe provided. The gel will fall out. Then wipe off the gel from the vulva. There is no downtime, just results. Women often see the results in as little as 3 applications.

Several small studies have been done on the safety and efficacy of the product.

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Women all over are benefiting from the CO2Lift V. The results speak for themselves.

The Co2LiftV has been used by Professionals after episiotomies and labiaplasty and is appealing to Providers because it is effective and simple. CO2liftV, the take home vaginal product can either be used as a stand alone or as post care after radio frequency or laser. CO2Lift V is only available through providers. It is effective and affordable and can be done in the privacy of the home. It is a Must have for any provider looking to be apart of the solution to this growing need. Know More