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Delivers Carbon Dioxide to the skin.  The set is mixed in a bowl then applied to the area being treated.  The mask is left on for 35 to 45 minutes then removed from the skin by peeling it off. It is gentle enough to be applied to the eye lid and right under lash line.

This mask is used as a stand-alone for anti-aging; post care laser, peels, skin incisions, micro-needling.

-Increases Hydration

-Reduces lines and wrinkles

-Speeds Healing


Q: What would happen if I left the CO2Lift on for more than 60 minutes?

A: No harm would be done to the skin, however it may become more difficult to remove by simply peeling off. If so wash it off with water.

Q: How soon should I see results?

A: While the CO2Lift is best done in series of at least 3, your skin will improve after just 1 application.

Q: Can I use the CO2Lift Pro directly following Treatments like laser, or micro-needling?

A: Yes, The CO2Lift Pro Carboxy Gel is very effective in healing wounds and so will not only help repair the skin but also will treat the skin as well.  Make sure to the application is done thick.

Q: Are there any contraindications to using CO2Lift?

A: No there are no contraindications.  Even a pregnant woman can use.  Also you can continue whatever facial regiment you were using.

Q: I have sensitive skin, will it cause me to break out?

A: CO2Lift is safe for the most sensitive skin.

Q: How soon can I wear makeup after the mask?

A: Immediately after.

Q: How soon can I wash my face after the mask?

A: Sometimes if you leave the treatment on for more than an hour it can get really dry on the skin, you can use water to wash off the mask.  So yes, you can wash the face immediately.

Q: Can I use any other skin care treatment directly after the treatment?

A: Yes you can use or continue whatever skin care regiment you were using.

Q: Can I stretch out my one application into 2 applications?  I would use half the mask and save the balance for another application?

A: You need to use the entire treatment at one time.  The CO2 starts to decrease within the first 15 minutes when mixed.  So it is best to apply immediately after mixing.

Q: What if the mask gets into my eyes?

A: The treatment is safe and can be applied directly to the lash line.

Q: How soon can I do the treatment again after I use it?

A: You can do it the very next day. As the treatment has a compounding effect, one builds on the next. However when done in a series, most clients use every 4 to 7 days apart.  Then maintained with every 2 to 3 weeks.